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Closet Companion

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Clothes hangers that mingle with an application on your phone to inform you of your personal inventory. This will allow the customer to more efficiently plan out their outfits, plan out laundry, and take more control of their lives. Inside the application, the customer can assign a name and photo of the clothing to each connected hanger. Outfits then can be saved and shared within the app as well

Who are your biggest competitors? (max 300 characters)

Stylebook - $3.99 app that allows the user to organize and plan out their outfits Finery - Free app that is similar to Stylebook but allows the user to access sales and discounts within the clothing industry.

What makes your idea different? (max 300 characters)

We not only offer a means of organizing and planning your wardrobe, we give you complete control of your wardrobe. You will know exactly what clothing items are ready to wear, what outfit options you can wear in the future, you can share your outfits through social media, and sales will be offered

Why will your idea be successful? (max 300 characters)

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to make their daily lives more efficient and save seconds anyway they can. Our goal is to make outfit selection quick, simple, and fashionable. Offering a valuable and ethical service, rather than just a product, will allow our company to be successful.