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Food with Friends

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Food with Friends is a social media based mobile app. This app will allow users to share what healthy food they are eating. The users can post a picture of their meal and list their recipe in the caption. The can also tag nearby restaurants and grocery stores where they got they bought the food. The app will feature a $5 per month subscription where users will be emailed new recipes to try weekly.

Who are your biggest competitors? (max 300 characters)

Instagram (Social Media) Grocery Store Apps (Meijer, Walmart, etc.)

What makes your idea different? (max 300 characters)

Food with Friends is different because it focuses on what brings people together the best, food! The social aspect of the app is what will inspire users to try new healthy foods. People finally have an app that isn't about a strict diet, they can actually choose what they want to eat, and share it!

Why will your idea be successful? (max 300 characters)

Food with Friends will be successful because of the customization features of the app. From find a recipe to learning about a new restaurant, this app will do that and more. The app will have a refer a friend discount that will increase the number new users. This app is the future of healthy eating.