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Idle is a ride-sharing service that seeks to solve the transportation and mobility issues of college students by providing a decentralized approach to short-term transportation needs. The goal of this venture is to provide the luxury of mobility to college students without them having to incur the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle.

Who are your biggest competitors (max 300 characters)?

The major competitors to our business would be Zipcar, Lyft, and Uber.

What makes your idea different (max 300 characters)?

Idle is different from our biggest competitors because it addresses the need for mobility by providing a structured platform that connects those with vehicles to those without. The "renter" has the car for a designated amount of time, and the owner has a means to establish passive income.

Why will your idea be successful (max 300 characters)?

Our idea will be successful because it capitalizes off of the wants of a producer while satisfying the needs of a consumer. College students want to find cheap alternatives to products in their day to day life, while others want a way to earn more money.