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One Up Meals 2Go

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Today, obesity is a growing problem in the world, especially in the United States. The United States has the highest obesity rate in the entire world, and is continuing to increase. Our goal as One Up Meals 2Go is to allow our consumers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle despite busy schedules that often get in the way of conscious eating. Our target consumer base are individuals between the ages 18-64

Who are your biggest competitors (max 300 characters)?

We have a unique service to offer our customers. Our biggest competitor is Blue Apron. Blue Apron only sends the ingredients of the meal to be cooked. This is what sets us apart. We offer home cooked healthy meals for individuals throughout the week. When given to the customer, all they have to do i

What makes your idea different (max 300 characters)?

One up Meals 2Go is a company that offers healthy meal preparation services at a low cost. We have a wide range of customer segments that include busy individuals, fitness community, and senior citizens, all who can benefit from our services. Obesity is a growing problem, especially in the United St

Why will your idea be successful (max 300 characters)?

One of our marketing strategies is to emphasize the time saved going with our company. Our company will start with 500 customers during the first month of January as we plan during this time it is New Year’s Revolution. From January through the rest of the year we project a 5% growth per month to ga