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Have you ever spent more than 10 minutes looking for parking? 15,20, or even 25 minutes? Have you ever been late to a class due to finding a single parking spot? Finding parking is what many students dread on university campuses. People spend too much time waiting around for a single parking spot. My app includes “smart parking” which counts the number of parking spaces available in campus parkin

Who are your biggest competitors (max 300 characters)?

What is most interesting about this parking app is there is no other like this one. The competition is not high for this market. This would new innovative technology that would change our old ways of just circling around a crowded parking lot.

What makes your idea different (max 300 characters)?

What makes my idea different is how there is no other idea like it. Although there are few garages that count the number of parking spaces available, a smart parking counter for both parking lots and garages has not yet been developed into an app. Also, it's a low budget cost to produce an app.

Why will your idea be successful (max 300 characters)?

My idea will be successful due to solving a real campus issue students and staff deal with throughout the week. I would start off the idea at the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus, and then campuses across the nation.