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Quick Repair

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“Quick Repair” is a software that is designed to help mechanics with client care. It will allow mechanics to send pre programmed status updates or custom messages to their clients via SMS or a phone call. If the mechanic notices an issue while the customer is gone, they can increase their business by sending updates saying, “We noticed your axile need to be rotated, would you like us to fix it?”

Who are your biggest competitors? (max 300 characters)

Our biggest competitor is “AutoFluent.” This company offers a way for automotive businesses to track services, sales, and customers. However, AutoFluent’s main issue is that there is no way for customer to directly interact with the application.

What makes your idea different? (max 300 characters)

My software is different because of the convenience. It can be easily downloaded on a phone which allows for a two way interaction between the client and mechanic. Because of this, the app will target both sellers and clients; ultimately, creating a one stop shop for both their needs.

Why will your idea be successful? (max 300 characters)

My idea will be successful because it is the only system with its two way capabilities. The best products are the ones that solve a problem or fill a need and that is just what this app does.