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Sip Juice Bar

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Ever been at a juice bar and wondered if you can add ingredients of your choice rather than choosing a pre-set menu? We have a solution. A ‘make it yourself’ juice bar at the university campus. Choose between three sizes of bowls, fill it yourself with organic, pesticide-free fruits/veggies picked from local farms and put it into a self-cleaning juicer, so each drink is fresh and pure.

Who are your biggest competitors? (max 300 characters)

The biggest competitors to our business would include related juice or healthy drink providers that are at or near the University campus, like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Jamba Juice. Also, the brands that provide packaged fruit juices at restaurants or vending machine on the campus.

What makes your idea different? (max 300 characters)

One major factor missing in all of our competitors—self-customization. Who doesn’t like customization? Add fresh ingredients according to your taste and health/nutrition requirements. And it’s way cheaper than the others. Also, it will be available on the campus so why drive out.

Why will your idea be successful? (max 300 characters)

The general student does not live a healthy lifestyle, they prefer drinking aerated, energy drinks or coffee. We offer students a hygienic and healthy juice option with a mobile app where you get prescribed ingredients from experts. Furthermore, we are supporting the community of local farmers.