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Voting is closed, but like this anyway! will be an online consumer to consumer marketplace in order to facilitate university, dorm, and campus transactions between students. This website will be available for students to access their institution, and search for all posted items through other students. Items included are un-needed dorm furniture, old textbooks, extra study and class material, and tutoring services.

Who are your biggest competitors? (max 300 characters)

Competitors for goods related marketplace are: Facebook MarketPlace Ebay Craiglist Competitors for Service related markets are: Fiverr Teachable

What makes your idea different? (max 300 characters)

There is a continuously growing fear of anonymity about transactions over the internet being fulfilled in person. Because students will be logging into the website with their institution supported emails, other students will be able to easily connect and transact while feeling safe.

Why will your idea be successful? (max 300 characters)

It will also allow students to gain an entrepreneurial spirit as they will have the chance to offer their school related services via StudentExchange. Our idea also keeps students and campus safe because there will be no outside visitors moving or buying leftover goods, instead students will.