Center for Innovation Research


Community Capital Resources
Prepared by Reconsider, a center for thought leadership that specializes in helping Michigan stakeholders and municipalities with innovative concepts as they relate to community capital, and how to implement and incorporate these strategies into a community's economic development initiatives. This Resource Guide is grounded in a recently completed study for Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development and is a great resource for Michigan Leaders ... [ More ]

The 2014 Michigan Turnaround Plan
Prepared by the Business Leaders for Michigan, this document provides a benchmark for Michigan's economy ... [ More ]

The Economic Impact of Placemaking
Prepared by the Michigan Municpal League, this is a look at the benefits of incorporating placemaking as an economic developement tool in Michigan municipalities... [ More ]

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Business: A Toolkit for Local Leaders
Prepared by the National League of Cities Center for Research and Innovation. The toolkit provides information for local governments about how they can create an environment for entrepreneurship and economic development in their community ... [ More ]

The Economist: Global Heroes
The globalization of entrepreneurship is raising the competitive stakes for everyone, particularly in the rich world. Entrepreneurs can now come from almost anywhere ... [ More ]

Right-Sizing the U.S. Venture Capital Industry
There is no denying the importance of the venture capital industry. Despite being relatively young, having only reached its modern form in the last thirty years, this business of investing risk capital in growth companies has had many major successes ... [ More ]

The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom
In terms of job creation, innovation, and productivity, entrepreneurs drive growth. Yet a major worry is that the basic demographics of the United States will inexorably tilt the country toward sluggishness: An aging country, with the baby boom generation moving into retirement, doesn't strike one as an entrepreneurial society ... [ More ]

Preliminary Report: The Economic Benefits of the University Research Corridor
A recent study examined the economic benefits of Michigan’s University Research Corridor. The study indicates that Michigan’s assets are similar to those of research areas in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Those assets help create an environment that can support a knowledge economy ... [ More ]

Innovation Agenda: A Policy Statement on American Competitiveness
The United States is currently experiencing one of the great economic challenges in American history – the rising global competition facing our communities. This document summarizes the ideas expressed at the 2007 IEDC Federal Forum and provides policy recommendations for both economic developers and federal policy makers that aim to ensure America remains globally competitive ... [ More ]